Capivai is a game developed for the children's platform Giga Gloob, from Globo. The main character is a friendly capybara who collects and recycles garbage across different worlds.



During the game, our heroine, Capi, answers the call and is teleported to three worlds in order to collect as much garbage as possible, addressing the importance of collecting, separating and properly disposing.​



The first world takes place in the rainforest, full of wild animals like venomous snakes and alligators, but Capi also needs to escape from logs and rocks to follow his path. Capi can swim underwater, but watch out! She might run out of air!

The second world takes place on the beach, where you have to watch out for sharks, crabs, puffers, parrots and even mermaids!

In the third and final world, Capi goes to another planet to complete his mission! There she encounters various species of aliens, spaceships and meteorites that obstruct her path, but with her astronaut suit and space thrusters, Capi manages to overcome all challenges. Remember that thrusters need fuel to work!



Capi, our brave and friendly protagonist, was developed based on the capybara, one of the most captivating animals in the Brazilian fauna.

We also explore other typical animals of the national fauna as enemies, such as alligators, snakes and puffer fish, including folkloric characters such as the mermaid. For the last level we have created a fun and wide range of alien species!

The game's look was created in 2d with a minimalist aesthetic, prioritizing geometric shapes along with a rich palette of bright and attractive colors for the public.



Produced in Construct and animated with Spine, the game was designed to integrate the Giga Gloob platform, a Globo application aimed at children, with games, activities, drawings and series that encourage learning in a fun way.

We also put a lot of effort into the soundtrack and the dubbing of the onomatopoeias that bring the characters to life, produced by the company Radioativa Game Sounds.

You can download the game through the App Store or Google Play platforms:



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