Have you ever imagined having a casual chat with significant historical figures from Brazil? In "Uns Brasileiros," the animated series inspired by Mario Prata's book of the same name, you get the chance to do just that!



Cafundó teamed up with the renowned Brazilian writer, playwrighter, screenwriter, and journalist Mario Prata to create the animated series "Uns Brasileiros", ("Some Brazilians"), based on the prestigious author's book of the same name. In each episode, Mario Prata conducts unusual interviews with characters who played a part in Brazil's history. The twist? All these interviewees are figures from the past, brought to life in a captivating and humorous way through engaging animations.



Mario Prata himself is the main character and the guiding thread of laid-back conversations, where his good humor reveals fascinating and surprising stories of Uns Brasileiros who shaped our country. The guest list for each episode is a highly entertaining history lesson: Pedro Álvares Cabral, Iça-Mirim, Padre Anchieta, Bishop Sardinha, Araribóia, Calabar, Chico Rei, Aleijadinho, Xica da Silva, Dona Maria I, Tiradentes, Dom João IV, Dom Pedro I, Maria Quitéria, Marquesa de Santos, Dona Beja, Madame Lynch, Carlos Gomes, Dom Casmurro, Castro Alves, Rui Barbosa, and Charles Miller.



The series adopts a cartoonish style that captures the essence of Brazilian humor. Each episode has a unique visual style: illustration, collage, cordel literature, etc., all to highlight the peculiarities of each historical character.

The animation keeps pace by leveraging the characters and their personalities to create dynamics, and various audiovisual language resources are applied to make the experience more immersive, all wrapped up in a script full of humor and gags, but most importantly, with real facts, including those validated by renowned historians.

"Uns Brasileiros" is specially designed for the new Brazilian young adult (16-35 years old), challenging the prejudice that history is only for books and not for people by turning history into something dynamic and accessible. The series, currently in development, will have 21 episodes in its first season, each lasting 12 minutes.


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